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Reminder: Guide to asking questions about FitNesse

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FitNesse Yahoo Group Guide to Asking Questions

 Welcome to the FitNesse Yahoo Group. FitNesse is a fully integrated standalone wiki, and acceptance testing framework, and this is the official discussion group for it. It is important to note that FitNesse supports multiple languages and a number of test fixture styles. The range of languages and options makes it really important to provide as much information as possible. A wide range of FitNesse users read this list, and they are very willing to help - and they can only help you, if you help them to understand your problem.

 Please make sure your problem has not been answered recently. To do so please make sure it is not mentioned among the most recent entries on the list. You can view these here:

 When you ask questions or have a problem, it is really best if you include the following details to help the others answer your questions faster:

 Version of FitNesse Test System: SLiM, Fit, FitLibrary Programming Language Operating system Any other tools, frameworks or fixture libraries you’re using with FitNesse (i.e. SpiderFixture, RESTFixture, DbFit, etc.) If possible table examples and code snippets

 Please note, FitNesse itself does not test any specific tool, technology, or product. It requires a fixture to communicate with your software. There is a collected list of known fixtures for testing web, rest, database, and other common kinds of apps on the FitNesse web site on the Plugins page: However, this fixture code will frequently be written by someone in the team to connect FitNesse to the unique components of the system under test. Please take a look at the Plugins page before asking if FitNesse can test a specific thing.

 Additional resources for FitNesse users:

 The FitNesse website: FitNesse Source Repository: FitNesse defect tracking:  FitNesse tag on 

 Thank you for your interest in FitNesse and your involvement in the discussion group.


 If you are no longer interested in participating in this forum please UNSUBCRIBE: mailto:[hidden email]?subject=Unsubscribe mailto:[hidden email]?subject=Unsubscribe